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Green Scope provides services to help you build and achieve your sustainability goals. 

Waste Diagnostics
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Waste Diagnostics

An analysis of your operation’s waste management usually begins with a waste audit, which includes sorting and measuring waste. The findings are analyzed to identify opportunities for improvement based on your current state.


  • Learn how much waste can be diverted from landfills

  • Establish sustainability metrics and benchmarks

  • Identify opportunities to improve sustainability and business practices

  • Share results with customers and stakeholders in annual reports



The creation and delivery of reports to communicate where your organization is heading and how far you have come in reaching your goals. Messaging can be tailored to customers, board members, general public, or any desired audience. Reports include your data, benchmarking metrics, clean communication, and roadmaps forward.


  • Attract new customers and community members who are like-minded

  • Showcase the conscious brand of your organization

  • Access our marketing design and materials to promote your organization's efforts

  • Drum up positive PR! 



Presentations and materials focused on educating team members, corporate employees, or anyone involved in making your operation run smoothly, about the role of sustainability in the workplace and your operations’ green practices.


  • Equip your team with the best sustainability practices

  • Make sustainability training convenient so you can focus on the road ahead

  • Ensure waste management procedures are correctly followed



Educational presentations on environmental sustainability topics to engage and empower community members. This can be a good fit for employees, students, or any group needing to bridge the knowledge gap on the environment. We enjoy incorporating games and answering questions!


  • Integrate consistent sustainability education throughout your organization

  • Develop communication channels to spread awareness and knowledge

  • Become a community thought leader and demonstrate company values from within your team culture



Accessible sustainability expertise to support your team with customized insight, recommendations, and action plans to improve your sustainability practices. Our team can build the roadmap to solve your problem, strategize with you on how to overcome hurdles, and manage the project to completion. 


  • Receive actionable insights on improving sustainability practices

  • Avoid waste upfront through optimizing processes for waste reduction and diversion

  • Access a team of responsive sustainability experts and partners

  • Reach your goals without permanently expanding your team or stretching your existing bandwidth

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