Green Scope serves restaurants and grocery stores by crafting food waste reduction plans that fit their unique situations.

We offer the following services across several package options:

We save food businesses money by helping them to reduce, rescue, and redirect waste.



Gather data and implement predictive analytics to reduce the creation of unnecessary food waste



Leverage community partnerships to rescue food waste, providing resources to those who can put it to use



Implement sustainable practices to divert necessary food waste from reaching landfills

Waste Reduction Saves Money

Wasted food is wasted time, wasted resources, and wasted money.

Small businesses have an impactful collective footprint when it comes to the food waste in Central Ohio. Learn more about how SWACO and the Central Ohio Food Waste Initiative are invested in tackling the food waste issue:

Better for Business,

Better for Our Planet

Green Scope is focused on delivering solutions that fit the problem for each specific business.

The free 30-minute consultation is Step #1 in determining the innovative solutions that fit your unique business.