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Green Business Program for Restaurants

A sustainability program focused on helping restaurants reduce waste and improve their bottom lines. 

Green Business Program Overview
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" I enjoyed learning more about compostable and recyclable materials. Now I know what to look out for when ordering materials and how to dispose of them properly. "

~ Mallory, Eden Burger
" Dominique, Zane, and the team were tremendously helpful with all of our questions. Their excitement for their work is infectious. "

~ Zach, Florin Coffee
" Truly can't think of anything to make this service better. It was super easy. "

~ Teddy, Franklinton Farms

Waste Diagnostic

We begin the program with a Waste Audit where we measure and benchmark your waste outputs. Analyzing the data we collect, we give you a Waste Diagnostic Report that highlights how your restaurant's sustainability standards.

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Green Business Program Tiers
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Green Scope Certification

Based on your Waste Diagnostic, you are placed on one of our three program tiers: Conscious Business, Green Business, and Zero-Waste Business. This is a certification given to our members to recognize their efforts. As your sustainability practices improve, so will your tier.


We review your Waste Diagnostics with you and share the opportunities we've found for improving your benchmarks. Together, we strategize tactics to reduce waste or divert waste to help the community.

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Education and Training

We create programs to help educate your team and customers on properly disposing of waste to improve diversion rates and avoid violations with waste partners.

34% of consumers say they are willing to pay a 25% premium for sustainable products and services.
Why now?
Restaurants in Columbus produce 61,000 pounds of waste per day.
61% of US consumers consider sustainability as an important criterion in their purchase decisions.
  • How much does this program cost?
    Our pricing is dependent on the level of service. If this is something that can be helpful for your business, let's set up an introductory call to discuss your needs.
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